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Dear Friends and Supporters,

A measure of success of any organization is well-balanced growth- and Healthy Eyes Alliance (HEA) can point to a past year when your donations and collaborative partnerships enabled it to grow its revenues and increase the number of children and adult clients in the tri-state communities who received its sight-saving services.

Highlights included:

  • 7,143 preschool children, located in the region’s most impoverished neighborhoods, received free vision screenings and follow-up services. That’s an increase of 25% over last year! 3,654 in Connecticut, 2,051 in New York City and 1,475 in New Jersey.

  • HEA expanded its screening of young children to include 1,900 elementary school children enrolled in schools located in the severely at-risk neighborhoods of the South Bronx and West Harlem. This program was made possible through a partnership with the Children's Health Fund. 22% or 323 children referred by HEA received 2 pairs of eye glasses.

  • In Hartford, Connecticut, 818 preschool children enrolled in small family day cares and community resource centers - children who normally receive no vision screenings before entering kindergarten - were screened increasing the number of children served in Hartford by 400%!

  • In New Jersey, HEA yielded these results: 129 preschool children received glasses, 11 were found to have Amblyopia, and 4 had Strabismus - both potentially blinding diseases. 1 child had cataracts! HEA distributed vouchers for free exams and glasses, valued at $20,737 to children ages 0-18.

  • Through its Diabetic Retinopathy Project in Newark, 86% of the 503 diabetic patients screened through HEA’s partnership with the Newark Community Health Center, received prescribed eyeglasses; 3 patients had eye surgery to rectify their vision problem identified during the HEA vision screening, and 507 patients participated bilingual, diabetes retinopathy, education classes. Knowledge is empowering!

  • HEA screened 152 adults in the workplace in Connecticut, 181 in New Jersey and 85 adults in New York City. 48% were referred for follow-up eye exams! 7 companies received Workplace Eye Safety Awards from HEA for having 0 (zero) eye accidents during the calendar year.

  • HEA attended health fairs in senior centers, preschools, community centers, YMCAs, libraries and corporations; providing free vision screenings, bilingual educational materials, and bilingual workshops for adults and children. It greatly expanded it social media presence through Facebook, Website and Twitter.

  • HEA held its first benefit fundraiser in New York City. It was a huge success bringing in a new generation of donors and supporters from the City and the region.

Thank you in advance for your support! To make a gift online use the "Donate Now" button below.


Kathryn Garre-Ayars, President & CEO 

John M. Reynolds, Chairman of the Board

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