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Holidays 2016


Dear Friends and Supporters,

It’s real simple. Healthy Eyes Alliance beat the odds. It took a bold step in 2012 and re-branded itself, left its historic affiliation with a national organization behind, and went forward on its own. Many said it couldn’t survive.

But it did! HEA has flourished and sustained its mission over the last four and a half years and preserved its legacy of vision care that goes back to its inception in 1908! The benefit of having the freedom to focus all its human and financial resources in the tri-state area can’t be understated.

And now, on the eve of our 5th Anniversary year, HEA wants to say THANK YOU - to you - our family of donors! And ask for your continued support.

But first - a snapshot of what HEA has been able to accomplish, since August 2012 thanks to your generosity:

  • Provided free vision screenings to over 24,158 underserved, preschool children and 2,600 adults in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey! Blinding eye diseases such as amblyopia, strabismus, and diabetic retinopathy were detected before it was too late!

  • Raised over $1,164,895.00 for preschool vision screenings!

  • Implemented its signature diabetic retinopathy program- in Newark’s community health centers- providing free screenings and follow-up services for over 500 diabetic patients who were at risk of the blinding eye disease.

  • Distributed 502 free vouchers to underserved clients for free eye exams and glasses, valued at $116,966.00!

  • Partnered with New York City’s prestigious Children’s Health Fund and Lighthouse Guild to bring free vision screenings and vision care to over 2,500 young children living in impoverished neighborhoods in Manhattan and the Bronx.

  • Promoted its workplace eye safety training programs through its partnerships with OSHA, Labor Unions and diverse companies in the region, and sponsored its “Eyes On America’s Workforce Eye Safety Awards” that acknowledges businesses with stellar records of no eye accidents for a calendar year.

  • Reached 1,000’s of residents through its social media and online vision educational materials, and many more through its participation at corporate and community health fairs and trainings.

In short, HEA has been a good steward of your generous gifts, investing your dollars in the healthy sight of our communities. It has maintained financial stability- consistently- while keeping its costs down and quality of programs high!

Our fall annual appeal campaign, kicks off HEA’s 5th anniversary celebration. I thank you in advance for your annual appeal gift! And thank you again for being a part of HEA’s family of supporters! If you haven’t made a gift to HEA in the past, why wait another minute? Click the "Donate Now" button below to make your online donation.

This is the best time to invest your philanthropic donations in an organization that is built to last!


John M. Reynolds Kathryn Garre-Ayars
Chairman of the Board President & CEO
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