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Dear Friends and Supporters,

I am writing to you on Halloween thinking of all the wonderful costumes that “children of all ages” will wear tonight as they go out trick-or-treating. So much thought and creativity goes into the making of Halloween costumes-they are truly a delight to “see”. Even apartment buildings and front yards are all dressed up! Halloween kicks off the holiday season of visual treats!

Imagine for a moment what the holidays would be like if you couldn’t see? Now think of a young child in school who doesn’t know that he/she can’t see properly and has the learning experience handicapped from an early age; or an adult who is blind or suffering from low vision and deteriorating eye disease and can no longer work and support himself and his family. If you could prevent blindness wouldn’t you want to help those in need to live a sight-filled life - one that would enable them to enjoy everyday life and reach their vision for their future?

As we enter this season of giving, I would like to ask you to make a gift of sight to Healthy Eyes Alliance. Your gift can help to create a culture of healthy vision in our communities and highly impact the lives of those who may have undetected vision disorders that could lead to blindness, and would not otherwise have access to vision health services. HEA's accomplishments over the last five years speak to the value of your investment:

  • Over 29,000 underserved, preschool children and thousands of adults in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey received free vision screenings. Blinding eye diseases such as amblyopia, strabismus, and diabetic retinopathy were detected before it was too late!

  • $1,473,378.00 was raised for preschool vision screenings!

  • HEA’s user friendly technology made it possible to vision screen preschool - aged autistic children who otherwise would not be able to be screened due to their developmental challenges.

  • Partnerships with New York City’s prestigious Children’s Health Fund and Lighthouse Guild brought free vision screenings and vision care to over 2,500 young children living in impoverished neighborhoods in Manhattan and the Bronx.

  • Workplace eye safety training programs, and partnerships with OSHA, regional Labor Unions and diverse companies in the region, helped save sight at the workplace. HEA’s “Eyes on America’s Workforce Eye Safety Awards”, continued to acknowledge businesses with stellar records of no eye accidents for a calendar year.

  • 1,000’s were reached through HEA’s social media and online educational materials, and many more through its participation at corporate and community health fairs and trainings.

Recently, a Nurse from the Lafayette Learning Center for learning-disabled children (New Brunswick) wrote:

“We are grateful for the vision screening assistance Healthy Eyes Alliance provides us. With so many children who are barely verbal (and wiggly) the quick and reliable vision screening Health Eyes Alliance provides, allows us to effectively and quickly test these children. A large part of early childhood learning is vision based and early detection of these vision problems allows the best opportunity for academic success.”

Today I invite you to make a gift that will help sustain HEA’s vital, sight - saving mission in the future.

Click the Donate Now button below to make your online donation.

For more information about becoming a sponsor of HEA’s sight saving programs, or how to make a planned gift, contact CEO Kathy Garre Ayars at 203-772-4653 x100 or I thank you in advance for your gift - and for your investment in the healthy vision of our communities!


Kathryn Garre-Ayars

John M. Reynolds

President & CEO

Chairman of the Board

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