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Press Release 01/24/13

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January is National Glaucoma Month

New Haven, CT (January 23nd 2013). It is estimated that over 2.2 million Americans suffer from Glaucoma, but only half of them know that they have it. It is common that a patient has few or no recognizable symptoms until vision is lost.

Glaucoma is a group of eye disorders that damage the optic nerve and can lead to vision loss and complete blindness.

Healthy Eyes Alliance, Inc., (HEA) joins in January's National Glaucoma Awareness Month to help educate the public on the leading cause of blindness in the US and the World. Risk factors include high pressure in your eyes, family history of Glaucoma, ethnicity-African Americans and Hispanic Americans have a much higher risk of developing Glaucoma than Caucasians- the presence of diabetes or high blood pressure. Although often associated with older adults, 55 and older, the disease affects young and old alike. Open-angle glaucoma is the most common form and unfortunately there are usually no symptoms. Vision loss begins with peripheral or side vision, but can progress to central vision, causing blindness.

Glaucoma is not a curable eye disease-approximately 10% of people with glaucoma who receive proper treatment still experience some loss of vision. It is treatable with medication and in some cases surgery, but vision loss from Glaucoma cannot be regained.

Healthy Eyes Alliance, a 501© 3 non-profit organization, provides vision screenings in community centers, corporate environments and health fairs, using the FDT- ( Frequency Doubling Technology)- a screening machine that is an automated visual field tester. The device is designed to detect visual field loss that may be caused by glaucoma. If a client doesn't pass the screening and is not under a doctor's care, HEA's staff encourages the individual to get a full, dilated eye exam to accurately diagnose the severity of the condition and prescribe treatment to ward off further vision loss.

HEA, whose mission is to prevent vision loss and promote healthy eyes, operates in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey and last year served over 13,000 through direct service to primarily underserved populations. It reached thousands more through its social media,, and public education programs.

For more information on Glaucoma and how you can take part in an eye screening or sponsor one for your business, contact Kathy Garre Ayars, President/CEO at 203-494-5830, or

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