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Vision Screening
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Only an eye doctor can diagnose and treat a vision problem, but  vision screenings help find children and adults who need a full eye exam. Healthy Eyes Alliance's vision screenings are an accurate, cost-effective way to find vision problems and refer people with signs of problems to eye doctors for professional care.

August 1, 2015 - July 31, 2016

Children’s Pre-school Vision Screening Program

HEA has screened 5,293 children in the tri-state area over the last year. 12% were referred for follow-up doctor’s appointments. 74% of the children referred were successfully tracked and scheduled for follow-up treatments.

Newark Diabetic Retinopathy Project

Through funding from the New Jersey Healthcare Foundation, HEA kicked off its Diabetic Retinopathy program in two community health centers in Newark, New Jersey 2013-14.

This unique program was modeled after the recently completed pilot program in two New York City community health centers in the Bronx, that was conducted between 2012-13.

The goal of the program is to bring specialized vision screening and follow-up services to 500 diabetics and those at risk of diabetes who utilize the community health centers as their medical home. HEA’s model is collaborative-partnering with medical directors, nurse practitioners, and neighborhood pharmacists and community organizations.

Adult Vision Screenings and the Aging Adult Vision Screening Program

Through a partnership with area community centers and workplaces, Healthy Eyes Alliance has screened 295 adults.

Of that number, 117 or 40% of the adults screened were referred for follow-up treatment. HEA’s ongoing relationships with medical providers and partners helped to close the gap on those needing care.

Health Fairs-Bilingual Workshops-Online Resources-Public Education. Screenings and public education were provided for the public. Last year, bilingual workshops were presented to parents, staff and the public.

Educational workshops were also presented at preschool sites for parents and caregivers. Vision health educational materials were distributed at Health Fairs and screenings. Additional HEA’s online resources (website, facebook, twitter) are active and regularly updated.

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